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A beautiful display of organic and fair trade Yerba Mate in a clay bowl with a decorative Mate cup atop a tile mat.  Organic Teas Canada is pleased to provide an organic Yerba Mate of excellent quality.


Dear Valued Customer:  Effective immediately due to the small size of our family business and the associated costs of operating nationwide, we will only be offering our botanical products within Manitoba.  We thank you for your patronage and apologize for any inconvenience.

Our Sandy Hook Soap Factory personal care products will continue to be available throughout Canada without issue.


Yerba Mate is a lightly stimulating beverage imported from South America which has a mild amount of caffeine for just the right kick. Drank regularly throughout the continent, it is the national beverage of Paraguay.  Yerba Mate rivals green tea in having more anti-oxidants and active compounds.  This variety of Mate creates a light green beverage with a refreshingly bold flavour.  A very cost effective brew, only requires 1 tsp. per 250 ml. (8 ounces) of water. 

The tea featured on this page has been repackaged in Canada and obtained from our supplier Mountain Rose Herbs of Oregon.  Though we are not a certified organic facility, the Yerba Mate provided by the supplier was certified organic through OTCO and the USDA, certified Earth Kosher and certified Fair Trade through the IMO.

We package our Yerba Mate Teas in:

90 gram kraft paper eco-bags (3.17 ounces)

45 gram sustainable wood cello bags (1.58 ounces)

25 gram sustainable wood cello bags (.776 ounces)

Attention to the proper amount of tea required for a flavourful beverage results in an exceptional brew following the recommended steeping time.  A proper brew offers an unsurpassed aroma and taste producing a non-bitter sipping experience.  If tea needs to be stronger to your palate you need to add more tea, but always follow the time line for brewing recommendations.



Organic Teas Canada presents an exceptional Yerba Mate with origins in South America as pinpointed on this old world map scroll.  This Mate has been harvested at the peak of perfection to produce a delightfully flavourful, cost effective brew.

  Very cost effective brew, only one tsp./cup required.

Organic Yerba Mate Tea Certified Fair Trade

A truly delectable South American classic harvested at its peak to produce a bold flavour with a smooth and distinct colour.  Mountain Rose Herbs' Mate is untreated and contains no filler or flavouring agents, just pure organic goodness.



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