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All of our spices are products of Mountain Rose Herbs of Oregon. *** A fully certified organic supplier with an environmental and social conscience.  We have carefully chosen this excellent supplier as they are certified organic by OTCO and the USDA, certified Kosher through Earth Kosher and produce exceptional botanical products free from irradiation, glutinous fillers, ozone treatments, sulfites, gasses and other sanitary chemicals.  Mountain Rose Herbs is dedicated to sustainable farming and a better life for Farmers around the globe, leading the way with fair trade programs surpassing any guidelines.

 ***In the event of botanical shortages through Mountain Rose due to climate change, covid19 shortages, etc. we will acquire popular product from an alternate supplier and will make note with product.

When purchasing spices please keep in mind that powders and seeds provide less product by weight than dried leaves. As an example 45g of Bay Leaf or Parsley Leaf will provide a great deal of botanical material!


Packaged in 45 grams = 1.587 ounces & 22 grams =.776 ounces with some varieties offered in package of 11 grams = .388 oz.


Dear Valued Customer:  Effective immediately due to the small size of our family business and the associated costs of operating nationwide, we will only be offering our botanical products within Manitoba.  We thank you for your patronage and apologize for any inconvenience.

Our Sandy Hook Soap Factory personal care products will continue to be offered for shipment throughout Canada without issue.


Ground black pepper is presented on a white background in this photo from Organic Teas Canada dot com.  Black pepper of exceptional quality, organic and fair traded.

Pepper, Black Ground

Origin:  India         Organic and Fair Trade

Piper Nigrum.  Excellent quality ground black peppercorns.  Cultivated for thousnds of years on the southwest Indian Malabar coast.


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Organic Teas Canada offers a fair trade certified whole black pepper amongst our excellent quality collection.  Spice up your cooking, many varieties are at bargain prices.

Pepper, Black Whole

Origin: India       Organic and Fair Trade 

Flavourful and fragrant, at best when ground at the table as needed to release oils.

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Organic Teas Canada sells excellent quality organic spices including this crushed Red Chili Pepper Flakes.

Pepper,Chili Flakes Red USA  

Organic  Flakes are used extensively to add heat to various recipes.  Nice in a shaker for personal taste addition to pizza, pasta or salads. 

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Chili Flakes Smoked, Organic add a smooth smokey flavour to culinary dishes with a good jolt of heat.  Another exceptional product from Organic Teas Canada.

Pepper,Chili Flakes Smoked Organic  Origin: India  25,000-40,000 H.U.

For a different taste experience, smoked flakes add heat with an enticing smooth smoke flavour.

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A blending of eleven organic non-irradiated spices create Pat's Pickling Spice a traditional, classic for dills and beets.  Exclusive blend to Organic Teas Canada.

Pat's  Pickling Spice Organic

Non-irradiated, Non-GMO, no fillers, no sulphites  Traditional-style pickling spice, absolute necessity around here for our dill pickles & pickled beet recipes. Assure freshness from season to season.  I am always told that I make the best pickles and this is my secret :).  Ingredients: organic yellow mustard seed, organic coriander seed, organic bay leaves, organic dill seed, organic fenugreek seed, organic cinnamon chips, organic ginger root, organic whole allspice, organic red chili pepper flakes, organic whole black pepper, organic fennel seed, organic whole cloves.

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Buy reasonably priced organic spices from Organic Teas Canada including this fragrant Rosemary Leaf.

Rosemary Leaf Organic

Origin:  Argentina  A popular culinary spice for centuries especially to flavour meats, including lamb.

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Sage leaf is a welcome addition to poultry stuffing and to season meats; a fresh and fragrant product of Organic Teas Canada.

Sage Leaf Organic USA


Popular spice often used with meats, soups, salads and our all time favourite poultry stuffing.  Also used in tea.

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The fresh dried green herb Summer Savory leaves are displayed on a crisp white background in this organic product from Organic Teas Canada dot com.

Summer Savory Organic

Origin:  France    Satureja Hortensis  Summer Savory is a renowned culinary herb. Compliments:  stew, beef or chicken soup, rutabaga, cabbage, egg dishes, fish & game. Not as overpowering as the winter variety. 

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An Organic Teas Canada favourite for Mediterranean and French cuisine, our flavourful organic Thyme Leaf.

Thyme Leaf Organic Turkey

Especially common in Mediterranean and French cuisine.  Long been a favourite of cooks for seasoning meats, soups and stews.

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A beautiful orangy-yellow spice, excellent for adding a bit of colour to fine dishes, oftentimes called a poor man's saffron. Another wonderful organic spice for sale at Organic Teas Canada.

Turmeric Root Powder Organic     Origin:  Madagascar

Curcuma longa. We use turmeric in our pickling recipes, stir frys and vegan "chicken soup".  Adds a beautiful natural yellow to the broth.

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