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Spices  packaged in Canada in sustainably sourced cello

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All of our spices are products of Mountain Rose Herbs of Oregon.  A fully certified organic supplier with an environmental and social conscience.  We have carefully chosen this excellent supplier as they are certified organic by OTCO and the USDA, certified Kosher through Earth Kosher and produce exceptional botanical products free from irradiation and ozone treatments, sulfites, gasses and other sanitary chemicals.  Mountain Rose Herbs is dedicated to sustainable farming and a better life for Farmers around the globe, leading the way with fair trade programs surpassing any guidelines.

When purchasing spices please keep in mind that powders and seeds provide less product by weight than dried leaves. As an example 45g of Bay Leaf or Parsley Leaf will provide a great deal of botanical material!

Packaged in 45 grams = 1.587 ounces & 22 grams =.776 ounces with some varieties offered in packages of 11 grams = .388 oz

Fresh dried vibrant green Marjoram spice is displayed on a white background.  Another reasonably priced organic spice from Organic Teas Canada dot com.

Marjoram Organic Egypt

Origanum Marjorana. Culinary herb of the mint family. Good in chicken soup, egg dishes, with mushrooms & tomato pasta sauces.


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Organic Teas Canada presents this Canadian spice commonly used in pickling and mixed with liquids.  A very low price for an excellent product for your family.

Mustard Seed, Yellow OG

Origin: Canada  Mustard is a common flavouring in food and a popular pickling spice. Also ground finely and mixed with liquids. 

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Organic Teas Canada is happy to offer an excellent quality  fair trade nutmeg powder from Sri Lanka.

Nutmeg Powder Sri Lanka  Organic & Fair Trade Certified

Always buy nutmeg powder from a reliable source guaranteeing that the powder is not BWP grade made from broken-wormy-punky nuts.

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Close up fresh dried onion granules on a white background.  Fragrant, handy, non genetically modified products from Organic Teas Canada dot com.

Onion Granules Organic USA

We go through a lot of onions in our household and find it handy in this form for addition to soups, sauces and stews when we find ourselves running a bit low of fresh.  Very fragrant, very tasty, holds well in the cupboard.

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Onion powder is nice to have on hand to add a smooth onion flavour to dips, soups, creamy sauces and gravies.  Organic Teas Canada offers an extensive selection of organic spices with some varieties fair trade certified as well.

Onion Powder Organic USA

Onions are one of the world's favourite flavours.  In powdered form handy for adding to soups, sauces, gravies and dips.  Contains 0.5% silicon dioxide for anti-caking.

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Our organic oregano leaf is a common ingredient in Italian cookery including minestrone soup and pasta dishes.  Another very reasonably priced fresh organic spice from Organic Teas Canada.

Oregano Leaf Organic Turkey

A staple in our spaghetti sauces, pizzas, and minestrone soup.  An absolute must for Italian recipes!  Best quality oregano is grown in a warm, dry climate. Oregano is experiencing a Supplier shortage, limited quantities.

45 g $5.25
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11 g $1.55


A vibrant reddish-orange organic paprika powder is pictured, another wonderful offering from Organic Teas Canada for your creative cooking recipes; also used as a common garnish on eggs or potatoes.

Paprika Powder Organic

Origin:  Israel  Paprika is a chili pepper, one of the mildest varieties known.  Popular usage in casseroles, soups, as a garnish on egg or potato dishes, etc.

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We are currently having difficulties sourcing a certified organic smoked Paprika powder.  Organic Teas Canada offers a cultivated without chemicals smoked paprika supplied by Mountain Rose Herbs.

Paprika Powder-Smoked

Origin: Spain: Organic Paprika is a mild chili pepper adding a smooth smoked flavour to fine food dishes.

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Organic Teas Canada packages fresh and organic spices, herbs and teas in Canada at excellent prices including this vibrant green parsley leaf.

Parsley Leaf Organic

Origin:  Israel   Can be added to most any food except sweets.  Lightens the taste of garlic & the odour of fish.  Generous sizes.

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