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Spices  packaged in Canada in sustainably sourced cello

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Valued Customer:  Effective immediately due to the small size of our family business and the associated costs of operating nationwide, we will only be offering our botanical products within Manitoba.  We thank you for your patronage and apologize for any inconvenience.

Our Sandy Hook Soap Factory personal care products will continue to be available for shipment throughout Canada without issue.

All of our spices are products of Mountain Rose Herbs of Oregon.***  A fully certified organic supplier with an environmental and social conscience.  We have carefully chosen this excellent supplier as they are certified organic by OTCO and the USDA, certified Kosher through Earth Kosher and produce exceptional botanical products free from irradiation, glutinous fillers, ozone treatments, sulfites, gasses and other sanitary chemicals.  Mountain Rose Herbs is dedicated to sustainable farming and a better life for Farmers around the globe, leading the way with fair trade programs surpassing any guidelines.

***In the event a shortage occurs in supply from Mountain Rose Herbs, due to climate change, covid19 related shortages, etc., we will source from an alternate reputable Supplier and make note with product.

When purchasing spices please keep in mind that powders and seeds provide less product by weight than dried leaves. As an example 45g of Bay Leaf or Parsley Leaf will provide a great deal of botanical material!


Packaged in 45 grams = 1.587 ounces & 22 grams =.776 ounces with some varieties offered in package of 11 grams = .388 oz.



Dill Seed is another low priced organic spice at Organic Teas Canada.  Excellent quality botanical material, non-GMO, with no irradiation, no sulfites and no fillers.

Dill Seed Organic    Egypt


Added to cooking and popular in pickling recipes.  Excellent in soup and with cabbage dishes.

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A bright green herbal delight is found in our organic dill weed at Organic Teas Canada.  We love it in soups, dips and snacks.

Dill Weed Organic Egypt    

Fragrant and flavourful.  Delicious added to soups, especially borscht and nice accent to cabbage dishes.

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Organic Teas Canada offers a fresh green organic fennel seed which is an excellent cooking spice, whole or ground.

Fennel Seed Organic  India


Used in cooking, whole or ground as an excellent spice.  Also used for herbal teas.  Sweet and aromatic with a licorice-like taste and smell.  Offered in seed form only.

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Organic Teas Canada presents organic Fenugreek Seed popular in Indian, Egyptian and Middle Eastern cookery.

Fenugreek Seed Organic  


Origin: Egypt. Fenugreek lends its flavour to dishes from Egypt to India and across the Middle East.  Avoid if allergic to chickpeas.

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Organic garlic granules are a tasty, handy way to add garlic flavour to dips, soups, sauces etc.  Another wonderful culinary spice to season your favourite dishes from Organic Teas Canada.

Garlic Granules Organic


Origin: USA  Fragrant & enticing, granules are a handy way to add a kick to soups, sauces & snacks.

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Pictured is a close up of our tasty, aromatic organic garlic powder for addition to sauces and dips for a smooth, delicious finish. Organic Teas Canada offers non-irradiated and non-sulfited organic herbs and spices.

Garlic Powder Organic


Origin: China  Used as a culinary ingredient for over 5000 years. Handy to have in this form in the cupboard for cooking.  Garlic is tasty, odiferous, medicinal.

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Organic Teas Canada presents a flavourful dried ginger root for a tasty addition to culinary creations.

Ginger Root Organic Peru


Billions of people use ginger root daily as both a food and a medicine.  Used in cooking and as a tea in moderation.  A delightful warming spice.

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Organic Teas Canada organic ginger root powder is an absolute must for our ginger snap recipes and as an interesting addition to some sauce recipes.  One of the world's best known roots!

Ginger Root Powder Organic   India


One of the most widely used herbs on the planet.  Used in teas, in herbal formulations and of course cooking.

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