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All of our orders are shipped by Canada Post and we send tracking information at time posted.  If you are ordering from both of our and on the same day and have paid two Shipping charges we will happily refund postage savings to your PayPal Account or Credit Card used if we are able to ship the two orders attached together.  In addition, should we be able to send flat rate shipping box we will also credit you back any savings.

Due to limitations on our Shopping Cart Shipping rates have been based on sending to a major City in every Province.  If you live a great distance from the major centre configured for your Province your shipping cost may be much higher than anticipated and it may be necessary to request more postage.  We will email you to your supplied or PayPal Account email address to advise and wait upon your response.  If we do not hear back with instruction it may be necessary to cancel and refund your order.  That being said, should you be overcharged at any time we happily refund you in cash or by way of your chosen method of payment.




Permanent Graduated Discount

We offer generous percentage discounts starting with a $50. product purchase exclusive of Shipping costs or Sales taxes.  Please note:  Previously arranged discounts for Favours or approved bulk discounts do not apply.  Discount will configure directly on the Shopping Cart with $50. purchase in product.


Discount Offer Banner in red and white offering percentage discounts on purchases over $50. off our exceptional prices at Organic Teas Canada dot com.

With $50.00 Purchase:  15% Off

With $100.00 Purchase:  18% Off

With $150.00 Purchase:  20% Off

This same discount is being offered on our too.

Happy Shopping!




Orders Delivered Through Motley Brood Farm:



Pre-orders are welcome for free delivery by Adam & Dacia on their City trip day.  You have two methods of ordering.

#1  Shop from our flyer attached to the Motley Brood reminder e-mail.  Discounted price is already configured for the Motley Group.  Please email us with the details of your order or send to Motley Brood.  Cash on delivery Egg Day.  You may also e-transfer us or we can send an invoice or take your credit card number over the phone should you prefer.

#2  Shop from our website and use the shopping cart to make your purchases.  Enter your Postal Code where required.  There is a little drop down box next to "Shipping:", select .00 Pick Up.  Pay through the secure PayPal system.  For our regular website prices a graduated discount kicks in automatically with a $50. purchase.  If shopping on the websites you also have the option to phone us with the order and pay with a credit card of your choice. 

Should you have any difficulties please let us know 204-389-2303.





American Flag waving in the wind announcing that Organic Teas Canada dot com ships to the U.S. and offers cash back discounts on all purchases over $50 with US exchange rate being a big bonus.

Shipping to the U.S.


Our Graduated Discount Program as detailed on this page is open to you and will configure automatically upon a $50.00 minimum purchase.

Orders are packaged as received from our very freshest stock and will ship Canada Post Expedited Parcel Service to the U.S. with the Postal Service advising delivery 6 to 7 business days from point of shipping.  We will email your tracking number once we send.  If you purchase product from both of our websites on the same day: and and pay two separate shipping fees we will refund to your PayPal Account or Credit Card used any savings if we are able to ship the orders attached together to the same address.  Our Shopping Cart is in Canadian Dollars so our American customers receive an even bigger bargain with the exchange rate as it is! 

Our flat rates have been configured on the Shopping Cart but there will always be exceptions to the shipping rule.  In the event we are unable to fit your order into boxes as has been anticipated due to the bulkiness of product ordered, there may be postage adjustment required if larger packaging is needed.  In this case we will contact you directly to receive approval, please be certain that we have correct email contact information when ordering to avoid our needing to cancel an unconfirmed order.  Welcome to our American customers and thank you for shopping with us, if you should have any questions please feel free to contact us.







Organic Teas Canada presents an intense black banner with white lettering stating A Passion for Organics, Mountain Rose Herbs.  A spice jar is tipped on it's side with spices spilling out.  Organic Teas Canada is very pleased to provide Mountain Rose Herbs products in Canada, an exceptional certified organic and fair trade Supplier with an environmental and social conscience.




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