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Dear Valued Customer:  Effective immediately due to the small size of our family business and the associated costs of operating nationwide, we will only be offering our botanical products within Manitoba.  We thank you for your patronage and apologize for any inconvenience.

Our Sandy Hook Soap Factory personal care products will continue to be available throughout Canada without issue.


There is nothing much more satisfying and enjoyable than the fresh taste of a fragrant cup of organic herbal tea.  Wonderfully tantalizing to the palate, herbs help  provide a very economical beverage choice without caffeine.  Our supplier has a vast network of growers around the world and are able to hand select only the finest botanical material based exclusively on taste, aroma and colour.  The result is a superb cup with an unrivaled flavor profile which is sure to make you feel good all over.  Fresh dried herbs make all the difference in the world to the quality of your brew.  They result in a bold cup with a distinctive flavour rarely found in mass marketed products.  Always use caution when purchasing botanical material many unscrupulously market inferior product, incorrect botanical identity or old warehouse stock.

All of our herbs are products of Mountain Rose Herbs of Oregon.  A fully certified organic supplier with an environmental and social conscience.  We have carefully chosen this excellent supplier for several wonderful reasons!  They are certified organic by OTCO and the USDA, certified Kosher through Earth Kosher and produce exceptional botanical products free from irradiation, glutinous fillers, ozone treatments, sulfites, gasses and other sanitary chemicals.  They are a zero waste company with their entire operation dedicated to sustainable farming and a better life for farmers around the globe.  We are not a certified organic facility. We treat all botanical material with great respect packaging in environmentally friendly bags as follows.


A bright and cheerful banner greets the viewer with a lovely presentation of fresh organic herbs, organic spices in bowls and burlap and open hands with loose leaf organic and fair trade teas with a bottle of Essential Oil of Ginger displayed.  The words Mountain Rose Herbs are found with a mountain in the background all in comforting shades of natural greens, browns, white, grey and beige.  Organic Teas Canada is pleased to source the majority of our products from Mountain Rose Herbs of the U.S.A., a certified organic and fair trade supplier with a strong environmental and social conscience.  We make Mountain Rose Herbs available in Canada in sustainably sourced, biodegradable packaging.  Superior botanical material with unsurpassed aroma, taste and color which is non-GMO, non-irradiated, non sulfited (sulphited) and carefully analyzed for quality, integrity and safety. 


We package herbs and herb blends in Canada in sustainably sourced wood cello in the following ways: 

90 gram bags = 3.17 ounces     45 gram bags = 1.587 ounces

25 gram bags = .776 ounces



Nettle Leaf Organic  Origin: Bulgaria

Pic of vibrant green cut and sifted organic Nettle Leaf; another wonderful fresh and fragrant herb from Organic Teas Canada.Supplier Caution:  Because of its diuretic and hypotensive actions, nettle leaf may lower blood pressure. If you are taking diuretics or other drugs meant to lower blood pressure, consult your doctor before using nettle leaf. Its long term, extended use is not recommended.


Nettle leaf is better known in Canada as stinging nettles or Urtica dioica.  Known for it's antioxidant properties in dried form nettle leaf is used in teas.  Please see our herbal tea selection for Nettle Tea blends.

Urtica dioica

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Peppermint Leaf Organic Origin: USA

Peppermint Leaf is one of the world's best known flavours.  Peppermint Tea is the most popular usage of this fresh and fragrant non-irradiated organic herb available at Organic Teas Canada.

Wonderful tea to enjoy after a meal.

**In bulk looseleaf form a cup costs only .19 cents!

Peppermint tea is the most common use of this versatile plant but also found in flavouring baked goods, chewing gum, toothpaste, candies and more.  Chemical pretenders can never match this organic dried herb's unique and refreshing super minty taste. 


Mentha piperita

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.Red Raspberry Leaf Organic Origin: Bulgaria

Organic Raspberry Leaf is a fluffy herb often called a woman's herb and is similar in taste to black tea; available at Organic Teas Canada.

Genus Rubus idaeus

Raspberry leaf tea is very pleasant tasting, much like black tea.  North American women of Cherokee, Mohawk & Iroquois Nations drank tea made from Raspberry Leaf on quite a regular basis. 


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25 g loose:   $2.65



Rose Hips Organic

Origin: Chile


.The dried fruit of the wild rose which are produced once the flowers drop off.  These organic rose hips are of wonderful colour and taste and a fragrant selection of Organic Teas Canada.

Rose hips develop on wild roses as the flowers drop off.  Rose hips can be used to make tea, jelly, soup, syrup or liquors.  Tart-sweet taste, some prefer to slightly sweeten tea with honey or cane sugar.


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Rose Petals Organic

Origin: India


Beautiful red rose petals are pictured on a crisp white background. Exceptional quality and wonderful colour and taste in this fragrant organic selection from Organic Teas Canada.

  A flower which has been valued for it's beauty for thousands of years.  These vibrant rose petals may be used in tea blends, bath herbs and as a pillow mix.  A truly lovely rose petal sourced from a reputable Canadian Supplier. 

genus Rosa

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Spearmint Leaf Organic Origin:  USA

Organic spearmint leaves are used in food preparation as well as teas.  Herbs offered by Organic Teas Canada are carefully analyzed for quality and safety and are non-GMO and  non-irradiated.

The Bible refers to tithes being paid to the Pharoahs in anise, cumin & spearmint.  Mentha Spicata


Taken as a tea and commonly added as flavouring.  Also used in some culinary creations and meat dishes.  In human history was considered a valuable medicinal herb for over a millenia.    


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For safety sake do not use herbal products of any kind if you are nursing, pregnant, taking medications or undergoing treatment for any medical condition without first consulting your health care professional. 


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