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A lovely presentation of green tea in a teapot, cups and spoons and a tea ball open with loose leaf tea tumbling out onto a wooden plank table.  Organic Teas Canada presents an excellent selection of all organic Green Tea with several varieties also certified fair trade.


Dear Valued Customers:  Effective immediately due to the small size of our family business and the associated costs of operating nationwide, we will only be offering our botanical products within Manitoba.  We thank you for your patronage and apologize for any inconvenience.

Our Sandy Hook Soap Factory personal care products will continue to be available throughout Canada without issue.

High in antioxidants and other vital properties green teas have endured the test of time to still be one of the world's most revered beverages.  It is believed that the first cup of tea was brewed in 2737 B.C. when Emperor Shen Nong was boiling water next to an open window.  Some tea leaves accidentally blew into the pot and he found the aroma enchanting.  He drank the concoction and enjoyed it very much!  "Tea" was to soon become the most popular beverage in China.  Today tea is the second most popular beverage in the world, second only to water.

Green and white teas are very cost effective as you require only 1 tsp. of tea per 250 ml. (8 ounces) of water.

Here you will find a good selection of the world's finest imported green teas which will provide you with unsurpassed quality, aroma and flavour.  All varieties offered on this page we have repackaged in Canada and obtained from our supplier Mountain Rose Herbs of Oregon.  Mountain Rose is certified organic through OTCO and the USDA, offers many Earth Kosher poducts and several certified Fair Trade teas through the Fair For Life program.  We are not a certified organic facility. We treat all product with great care and respect packaging in compostable sustainable wood cello bags and eco-kraft paper bags, vegetable-poly lined. 


We package our Looseleaf Teas in:

90 gram kraft paper eco-bags (3.17 ounces)

45 gram compostable wood cello bags (1.58 ounces)

25 gram compostable wood cello bags (.776 ounces)


Attention to the proper amount of tea required for a flavourful beverage results in an exceptional brew following the recommended steeping time.  A proper brew offers unsurpassed aroma and taste producing a non-bitter sipping experience.  If tea needs to be stronger, you need to add more tea - not steep longer.  Tea becomes far less enjoyable with extended brewing time as too many tannins are released resulting in an astringent taste.  Teas containing White Peony variety are more forgiving to oversteeping.


Organic Teas Canada presents an exceptional Gunpowder Green organic and certified fair trade tea which has it's origins in China.  A very delicious, full flavoured cup with tea leaves rolled tightly into little balls which unfurl upon brewing.

organic & fair trade certified  No more than one teaspoon per cup required for a hearty brew.


Organic Gunpowder Green Tea "Fair for Life" Fair Trade

A hearty green tea hand rolled into small pellets hence the name as it resembled pellets used in gunpowder in the 1600's.  It's dark, bold colour and striking taste are truly unforgettable.  A mildly astringent tea, nice with a hint of honey if you should prefer.



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 This enticing and beautiful tea originates in China and is of exceptional quality, aroma and flavour.  Jasmine flowers add a euphoric quality to this wonderful beverage available at Organic Teas Canada.

organic & fair trade certified 

Fragrant and delicate tea.  An affordable luxury at only 1 tsp./cup for a wonderful brew.

Organic Jasmine Green Tea   "Fair for Life" Fair Trade

This tea is an absolute treat.  Made from freshly picked green tea leaves semi-fermented within fresh Jasmine flowers which imparts a distinctive floral aroma and flavour.  A fragrant and euphoric fair trade tea which may be enjoyed at almost any time of the day.  Honey or cream may be added for a lovely cup as well.


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Wonderful ingredients from three continents are featured in this well blended fully organic green tea complimented with lemon balm, lemon verbena leaves and lemon peel.  Another wonderful custom blended green tea from Organic Teas Canada.

We start with a delicious organic & fair trade green tea and finely accent with organic verbena leaf, organic lemon balm & organic lemon peel.


Organic Lemon Tea

A lovely lemon compliment to this delicious fine organic green tea.  A smooth and inviting aroma and flavour.  Very nice as an iced tea blend as well, but brew at double strength.  If you are a fan of the taste of lemon, this tea is definitely for you!  A hint of honey makes a very enjoyable addition. 


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 Organic Teas Canada features a lovely succulent organic Oolong which has it's origins in China.  It is a full bodied tea with a fresh aroma and taste, contains both black and off-green leaves.  Very inexpensive brew.

Oolong is a bulky tea, brews at  only 1 tsp./cup.  A smooth tea which appeals to the senses of both the black tea and the green tea drinker.


Organic Oolong Tea

A succulent tea especially palatable for those who do not enjoy the sharpness typical of green teas.  Oolong is unique because of the process of partial fermentation which produces a diverse arrangement of both off-green and black leaves.  This tea is beautiful, tasty, full bodied, healthy and has a mildly smooth aftertaste.


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Spring Green Tea

A reasonably priced quality green tea for your brewing enjoyment.  Harvested from the first flush of spring buds in the Anhui Province  of China.

Contains caffeine

Spring Green Tea:  A fresh white bowl of organic green tea is pictured from a quality organic herbs, organic spices and organic tea supplier located in Canada.


 Organic Spring Green Tea

First flush tea from the Himalayas.  Subtle mild flavour with a slightly fruity aftertaste.  Alluring green tea known in China as Guo Lu.  No more than one tsp./cup.


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Our organic White Peony Tea originates in China and is featured on an old world map.  This cost effective tea, fresh and fragrant is picked when the buds and leaves are young producing a mild and sweet taste in this Organic Teas Canada White Tea favourite.

White Tea is actually classified as green tea. 

The "white" refers to the youth of the leaf and tight young buds, pure and fresh. Non-bitter.

Super economical!  A bulky tea which brews at less than 1gm/cup.

Organic White Peony Tea

This organic White Tea is picked early in the season while the buds are still fresh, young and tender.  Because of the early picking, the taste white tea produces is very mild, and sweet without the sometimes astrigent qualities of regular green teas.  This ultra fine tea contains beautiful full length leaves and tight young buds which together produce a perfectly balanced and flavourful cup to enjoy.  Brews up to 100 cups.  


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White Rose Petal
Tea Blend

Elegant selection.  Lovely floral bouquet with a slightly sweet aftertaste.

A lighter caffeine choice.


A close up picture of a beautiful organic Rose Petal Tea is displayed from this Canadian tea maker.  Vibrant organic red rose petals blend with pink rose petals and complimented with fresh pick white tea leaves.

Beautiful bulky tea, 90g brews up to 100 delicious cups.

Organic White Rose Petal
Tea Blend

Our delicate custom tea blend of first picking White Tea leaves complimented with premium quality beautifully fragrant red rose petals.  Truly lovely, a taste delight.  A nice choice for late afternoon or early evening cup, non-bitter brew. 

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