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Gift Collections

Valued Customers:  Effective immediately due to the small size of our family business and the associated costs of operating nationwide, we will only be offering our botanical products within Manitoba.  We thank you for your patronage and apologize for any inconvenience.

Our Sandy Hook Soap Factory personal care products will continue to be available for shipment throughout Canada without issue.

Gift collections of fragrant teas, herbs and spices make a welcome and useful gift for almost anyone.  All of our collections are presented ready to give in gift bag or gift box.  A lovely, simple more organic presentation in dressed up kraft paper bags and boxes made from recycled paper and also recyclable.

We provide excellent customer service and are happy to customize gift items to suit your requirements.  Our gift collections make wonderful Corporate promotional gift sets when you wish an attractively presented, reasonably priced, made in Manitoba gift containing the finest quality imported organic ingredients which will make a lasting impression.

Please Note:  Due to COVID19 and supply chain delays we may find it necessary to make adjustments to gift set contents.  Thank you for your understanding.

Boxed Tea Sets                                                


Glorious Green Tea Collection:  Organic Teas Canada gift boxed sets are tightly packed with an excellent selection of our organic teas and custom blends complete with tea ball.  This picture displays calming and restorative green teas propped up in the gift box with green basket fill and a green tulle ribbon with the tea infuser.  Quality eco-gift item with recycled paper box and teas packaged in compostable cello bags.

Attractive little tea gift at a reasonable price all wrapped up and ready to give.  Lovely selections from our  loose leaf teas, herbs and blends. Comes complete with a 2 inch stainless steel tea ball including details on the healthful benefits of drinking loose leaf tea & instructions on how to brew that perfect cup. 

Wonderful Winter Tea Collection:  Organic Teas Canada presents exceptional quality teas and herbs in this gift box collection with biodegradable packaging and recycled paper box.  An organic presentation with compostable cello, bright burgundy paper basket fill from recycled paper and four packages of lovely organic teas and custom blends.  Bright and colourful tea selections with shiny stainless steel tea infuser in this reasonably priced gift box set meant to take the chill from a cold winter’s day.

Glorious Green Tea selections: First picture.  Ultra fine green tea, white tea and custom blends. 20g Jasmine Green, 15g Lemon Green, 25g Green Rooibos and 20g White Peony.          $23.00

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Basic Black Tea selections:  Exquisite collection, all fair trade certified! 25g Assam Tea, 25g Earl Grey Tea, 25g Ceylon Tea, 25g English Breakfast.   $25.00

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Robust Red Tea selections: Nice family gift set as children enjoy red teas too! 100% caffeine-free.  25g Red Rooibos, 20g Vanilla Rooibos, 20g Honeybush Red, 25g Green Rooibos.                $21.00

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Wonderful Winter Tea Collection:  Second picture.  Our custom blended warming teas to take the chill off a brisk winter day! 20g Lemon Zest, 20g Spiced Orange, 15g Cheerful Moment Herbal Tea, 15g Peppermint-Spearmint Blend.       $22.00

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Calming Herbal Tea selections:  Fresh and fragrant blends, contain absolutely no caffeine to enjoy any time of the day. 25g Lemon Herbal Tea, 15g Chamomile-Ginger Blend, 15g Raspberry Leaf, 15g Chi Chai    $19.75

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 Custom orders welcomed!

Gift Box Closed:  Organic Teas Canada gift box closed presented in natural kraft from recycled materials and also fully recyclable, a compliment to the organic nature of the products enclosed.  Pictured is gift box with “Gift for You” gold foil on the cover and tied off with a bright burgundy tulle ribbon.



Please visit our Best Ever Mulling Spice page located here for some excellent, premium quality, inexpensive gift ideas.


Boxed Spice Sets   no sales tax on these gift sets


Inner Chef Spice Collection:  Organic Teas Canada gift set of five brightly colored fresh dried packages of organic spices displayed in an open gift box with yellow basket fill, a yellow ribbon and a winking chef on the cover.  Great little gift sets at even greater prices with no tax!

Inner Chef Gift

Inexpensive and useful gift item for any cook with all organic ingredients.

Fresh, fragrant, non-sulphited, non- irraditated spices make all the difference in the world!  Great hostess gift or for a house warming party.

Spice it up with one of our flavourful & unique collections.  Great price and no sales tax!

Inner Chef Gift Set:  Help them find their "inner Chef" with this interesting culinary collection of hard to find spices. 

Pictured at left.  Contains: smoked paprika, whole cumin seeds, ginger root, chipotle powder & garlic granules. $17.

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A Taste of the Mediterranean Collection:  Staples in Mediterranean cuisine.  Using fresh and fragrant spices will make a difference in your culinary creations.  Contains:  rosemary, oregano leaf, bay leaf, smoked paprika and fennel seed.               $17.00

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A Taste India:  A fragrant collection of fresh spices used in Indian cookery.  When cooking with authentic Indian recipes cut dill amount by half.  Turmeric powder, whole cumin seed, coriander seed, cinnamon powder, and dill weed.                $17.00 Add to Cart


Old Fashioned Home Baking Collection: Great gift choice for the organic baker in your life, makes baking taste absolutely amazing mostly fair traded selections. Contains:  nutmeg powder, cinnamon powder, cardamom pods, ginger root powder & clove powder $19.00

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Gift Bag Collections


Herbal Tea Gift Bag Collection:  Organic Teas Canada delivers a lovely selection of five bags of brightly coloured fresh dried herbs complimented with a shiny, easy to use stainless steel scissor-style tea infuser and instructions on how to brew the perfect cup of tea.  A decorated kraft paper bag completes the collection with pink tissue from recycled materials, a raffia bow, and the teapot logo for Organic Teas Canada on the front of the bag.   A great gift at a great price all ready to give.


Gift Bag collections are filled with wonderful teas, herbs and blends and are ready to gift in an attractive, decorated kraft bag. 

All tea collections come with our popular, easy to use stainless steel Mesh Teaspoon for brewing.


Herbal Tea Gift Bag Collection:  Organic Teas Canada displays a close up of their Herbal Tea Gift Bag Collection with five bags of fresh, fragrant and colorful non-GMO herbs.  A beautiful selection with purple Lavender flowers complimenting gold Chamomile flowers and crisp greens, all organic, non-irradiated and non-sulphited.  A lovely presentation with scissors style stainless steel tea infuser and decorated kraft paper gift bag with pink tissue and raffia bow on a green checkered tablecloth.

Herbal Tea Collection


Gift Bag Collection:  Organic Teas Canada kraft paper gift bag is displayed with pink tissue, raffia bow and organic teas Canada teapot logo on the front of the bag.  Lovely organic presentation in recycled bag for our fresh and fragrant teas and non-irradiated, non-GMO herbs and spices.

Our Chamomile Blends:  A calming, relaxing collection. Beautiful blends, wonderfully fragrant and uplifting. No caffeine. Contains:  45g. Cheerful Moment Herbal Tea, 25g Rejuvenating Herbal Tea, 25g Chamomile-  Ginger Herbal Tea and 25g Bedtime Herbal Tea with our most popular infuser.                  $28.00

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Rooibos Tea Gift Collection  From South Africa.  Naturally sweet & fruity, caffeine-free, suitable for children. Collection contains: 45g Red Rooibos, 25g Green Rooibos, both fair trade certified,  25g Vanilla Rooibos, 25g Lemon Herbal, our custom blend with Rooibos base. Comes with infuser.      $26.00

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Mesh Teaspoon Tea Infuser:  Organic Teas Canada offers this handy stainless steel tea infuser for your brewing ease.  Perfect for single cup use, easy to fill, dump and clean.  Handle squeezes together scissors-style with no clamp to affix.

Stainless Steel Mesh Teaspoon Infuser in each gift collection.

Herbal Tea Collection: Fresh and fragrant organic herbs make wonderful and indulging brews to savour and reflect upon. 25g Raspberry Leaf, 25g Chamomile Flowers, 25g Peppermint Leaf, 25g Lemon Balm Leaf, 15g Lavender Flowers.  Truly lovely gift. Comes with easy to use and clean infuser.      $28.50

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Fair Trade Tea Collection Fair Trade certified selections from Mountain Rose Herbs truly excellent "Fair for Life" fair trade program.  Contains:  All 25g in compostable packaging:  Jasmine Green, Gunpowder Green, Assam Black, Earl Grey Black and Red Rooibos.  Stainless Steel Mesh Teaspoon.  $29.50

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Custom gift bag orders are welcome starting at $20.00.


Extra Special Gift Collections

Celloed Presentation:  Organic Teas Canada presents their wooden crate collection of organic teas, herbs and custom blends delivered all wrapped up in cello with a big bow.  A natural presentation with “organic botanicals” painted on the handmade wooden crate with burgundy paper basket fill to compliment and the tea selections packaged in fully biodegradeable, carefully sourced compostable cello bags.  Visually attractive handmade gift.

Wooden Crate Collections: Absolutely lovely gift collection complete with mesh teaspoon infuser, porcelain tea tidy and four varieties of our organic teas, herbs or blends.  An attractive, natural presentation delivered in gift bag or cello wrap.   Starts at $30. Please contact us for further details.    

Very nice choice in presentation for silent auction tables, corporate gifts for clients or for team prize tables.  Also popular items for draws for sporting events like curling bonspiels. 

Give us a budget and we will present a truly memorable gift collection!


Premium Gift Collection:  Organic Teas Canada displays a generous collection of several varieties of teas and custom blends with all organic ingredients on a green checkered tablecloth.  A decorative celestial stainless steel tea infuser with fresh dried herbs is shown in a mug with a pretty blue willow porcelain tea tidy.  Wonderful gift ideas for corporate promotional, government gifts, curling bonspiel or golf tournament.

A Premium Gift Collection is as much a pleasure to give as it is to receive!  A gift bag packed full of wonderful teas, a premium basket-style decorative infuser and a porcelain tea tidy.

 Mug is not included in the gift set, for display purposes only.  Uplifting Collection is pictured. In event of product shortages bag contents may be adjusted.

Celestial Tea Strainer:  Organic Teas Canada presents this truly delightful and elegant decorative celestial stainless steel open basket-style tea infuser for an easier brewing experience.  Lovely rustic picture with infuser on a wood table with cinnamon sticks and fresh dried botanicals in the infuser.

Premium Gift Collection:  A generous selection of our wonderful teas and custom blends are presented with a decorative celestial  stainless steel basket-style tea infuser, (easiest ever one cup infuser to use and clean) as well as an attractive blue willow porcelain tea tidy.  Choose from several themes, comes in gift bag.



Relaxation Collection:  Completely caffeine-free chamomile blends, rooibos and herbal selections to calm and relax.

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Uplifting Collection:  Selections meant to lift your spirits on a demanding day:

Vanilla Rooibos, Cheerful Moment Herbal Tea,

 Lavender Black, Rejuvenating Herbal Tea and Jasmine Green.

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Traditional Black Tea Collection: Sure to impress any black tea drinker.  Several exceptional quality fair trade black tea selections including some of our delicious custom blended varieties

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Pleasing Green Tea Collection:  Green tea is a great choice at almost anytime of the day as it is a lighter caffeine choice.  Includes:  Gunpowder Green, Yerba Mate, Lemon Green, Jasmine Green & White Peony.

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