Organic Teas Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our Teas, Herbs and Spices and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to


Where are your Teas sourced?

Organic Teas Canada is a Canadian small business importing organic teas, herbs and spices and then repackaging in convenient sizes for economical home use. Products are obtained from an ethical certified organic supplier offering many certified fair trade product options as well.  Our major supplier, Mountain Rose Herbs, states that "Every tea product we have to offer you was painstakingly hand selected from the finest harvests representing the crop materials from numerous growers all over the world.  Each tea was meticulously reviewed against our strict standards before being accepted.  With literally thousands of growers to choose from, Mountain Rose Herbs has isolated its purchasing relationship with a few select picking operations that have exceeded our every expectation and have consistently delivered the quality we desire.  All of this is part of our genuine commitment to provide you with only exceptional quality organic tea that is unsurpassed in taste, aroma, colour, and key nutrients, representing a far more beneficial product that your body and mind will thank you for with smiles guaranteed."


Why have you stopped selling tea bagged teas?

We have always promoted loose leaf tea over tea bagged tea for superior taste and a healthier option.  As of 2017 we will no longer bag regular teas, mulling spices will still be offered in this form.


How many cups of tea can I make with 90 grams of Gunpowder Green looseleaf?

Tea amount required will vary from variety to variety and also by personal preference as to strengh.  Most green teas as well as white teas brew at 1 tsp./cup of fresh boiled water.  Most black teas brew at 2 tsp. per cup but some prefer a weaker brew at 1 1/2 tsp. per cup.  Many herbs brew at 1 to 1 1/2 tsp./cup.  Some tea varieties are stronger tasting and will require less product whilst others will naturally produce a more mellow brew.  We always provide detailed brewing instuctions with each variety but it is best to keep in mind that your green tea purchase will usually go much further than the black tea purchase.  For a 90 g bag of Gunpowder Green tea you can expect about 45 cups of wonderful, distinctively bold tasting, non-bitter, organic and fair trade certified green tea.


Do you handle flowering teas?

No.  We are still trying to source both a certified organic as well as fair trade flowering tea.


What kinds of packaging do you use?

Our teas, herbs and spices are either packaged in fully compostable cello bags from sustainable wood, FDA approved for food contact,  (with a sturdy twist tie closure to stand up to repeat usage) or a kraft paper bag lined with plant based polymer also fully compostable.  Tags are from recycled paper and affixed with good old fashioned cellulose tape. Tag should be recycled and cellulose tape removed and disposed of prior to composting.  For tea bag details please see #8.

Regular parcel mailing is done in corrugated kraft boxes made from 35% recycled material, very reusable and fully recyclable.  Some mailing is done in Rigid Bag Mailers, kraft laminated cardboard made from 75% recycled paper fibres with 62% post consumer content, fully recyclable.


Is your facility certified organic or certified Kosher?

We are not.  That being said, we are very respectful of organic practices and live a very natural lifestyle knowledgeable of the health and environmental concerns of chemical exposure.  We carefully handle products purchased from only certified organic sources in bulk and repackage in smaller amounts or teabags for the retail market.  Mountain Rose Herbs offers many products which are certified "Earth Kosher" which we repackage but our facility is not cerified Kosher.  Once opened we store all the teas, herbs and spices in glass in a dark temperature controlled area.  Our packaging practices are described in detail in question #5, tea bags detailed in question #8.


How do you keep your prices so low?

We believe that for products of such quality and integrity our prices are excellent.  In many cases we are lower than many conventional tea, herb and spice sellers on the Internet offering non-organic varieties of far lesser quality.

Being a small business does reflect in our prices.  Our overhead is much lower than larger operations and we are happily able to pass these savings on to our customers.

Keeping with the organic nature of the product and our commitment to a small footprint our packaging is minimal.  Naturally attractive, just a more basic presentation.

Our lower pricing also extends to our shipping policies with a discounted mailing program for smaller orders, free product rewards for larger orders and combined shipping with our natural soap orders.