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Dear Valued Customers:  Effective immediately due to the small size of our family business and the associated costs of operating nationwide, we will only be offering our botanical products within the borders of Manitoba.  We thank you for your patronage and apologize for any inconvenience.

Our Sandy Hook Soap Factory personal care products are still offered anywhere in Canada with no issue.


Organic Teas Canada is located in Sandy Hook, Manitoba, Canada in a beautiful naturalized location near Lake Winnipeg as pictured in this photo of our pond and naturalized hay land.  We are Canadian tea and spice importers and packagers offering organic fair trade teas, fresh dried non-irradiated herbs and spices at excellent prices with minimal packaging.  Check out our prices, you will be glad you did, rewards programs, discounted and free shipping.


Organic Teas Canada packages organic teas, herbs and spices in a lovely country setting in Sandy Hook, Manitoba Canada.  Excellent pricing for fresh and fragrant botanical products from an exceptional ethical supplier.


Life is Good!  We are located near Sandy Hook, Manitoba, Canada a few minutes drive from the shores of beautiful Lake Winnipeg in the scenic Interlake.  We live on 40 acres of naturalized prairie grassland and have a great appreciation of natural beauty and all life.  We currently sell and make Natural Soap, market organic teas, herbs and spices and seasonally we open a veggie stand in our yard where we also sell our GMO-free naturally grown vegetables and pickles.

In 2003 we starting making truly Natural Soap with no dyes, preservatives or chemical scents and the Sandy Hook Soap Factory was born.  This involved sourcing botanical and Essential Oil suppliers to make a truly natural product.  We were ecstatic to find a wonderful certified organic, ethically responsible and zero waste company in Mountain Rose Herbs of Oregon.  We have been dealing with them ever since and have always been impressed with the exceptional quality of every product we have ever ordered.  We have never found another supplier with better quality or fresher organic botanical material than Mountain Rose Herbs.

We fully understand the challenge of budgeting for a more natural & organic life and trying to be environmentally responsible as well as sensitive to the plight of workers which share our planet as we have been following similar philosophies for several years.  We strive to keep reasonable prices and sometimes, especially in the case of spices, are less than what you would pay at many grocery stores for non-organic counterparts.  Focusing on minimal packaging in the sustainable cello provides a compostable solution with no need to purchase, dispose of, or to recycle a costly container.


About Our Supplier

All of our botanical materials are sourced through Mountain Rose Herbs.  They continue to excel in every aspect of their business dealings and were practicing fair and ethical trade long before any formal guidelines were enstated.  Today Mountain Rose Herbs is certified by the IMO and their stringent audit process of top to bottom assessment of a company within the "Fair for Life" program; they oversee monitoring of all practices certifying the operations of the entire company.  

Due to COVID19 restrictions we do have a supply issue for availability at Mountain Rose's level as well as shipping delays.  We find it necessary to source favourites from a reputable organic and fair trade Canadian Supplier and will make note clearly when what is being offered isn't a Mountain Rose Herbs product.  Thank you for your understanding.



Logos.  The majority of products packaged by Organic Teas Canada are ordered from Mountain Rose Herbs of Oregon, USA a certified organic supplier promoting Fair for Life fair trade programs and the Earth Kosher program.

Symbols displayed with permission of Mountain Rose Herbs

For Mountain Rose Herbs, sustainable organic agriculture is the pre-requisite for any honest business that operates on this planet which we all share.  They are genuinely committed to providing exceptional quality bulk organic herbs and spices that are unsurpassed in taste, aroma, colour and nutrients.




About Our Partnership with Plan Canada

Smiling faces enjoying fresh clean water at a borehole with help from Organic Teas Canada through Plan Canada clean water initiatives operating in impoverished communities throughout the world.

Borehole & Drill

An older drill for drilling wells is pictured.  A project of Plan Canada's clean water initiatives committed to providing clean potable water to impoverished areas throughout the world.  Organic Teas Canada directs five cents of every dollar of gross sales to these admirable projects.

We direct 5 cents of every dollar of gross sales to Plan Canada and thank you for your continued support!

Plan Canada is committed to ensuring that the world's children grow up with what our children in Canada take for granted - fresh, safe drinking water and proper sanitation.  Plan Canada is part of the international organization Plan, a humanitarian child-centred development organization working with families and their communities to meet the needs of children around the world.  Non-political and with no religious affiliations, they aim to build a better world for children now and in the future. 

Since 2004 we have had a corporate commitment to Plan's Borehole Projects to help provide potable water to children in need.  To date we are pleased to advise that we have helped Plan drill 8 boreholes.

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